Thursday, October 1, 2009


12 days ago I started this journey, 12 days ago, when pushed to the max, all I could do was walk one mile in 17minutes and push at the end for a two minute jog...11 push ups in one minute and 17 crunches in one minute taking several rests...I am sooooo proud of myself because as of today I can:

  • jog (60 sec) walk (90 sec) INTERVALS FOR 2 MILES!!!! The 1st Mile took me only 11 minutes, the second took me 15 and I double up on two of the walking intervals at the end, but still, I am doing it, today was my first day even attempting that 2nd mile. But still my first mile was 6 minutes faster!!!
  • 18 pushups in 1 min
  • 48 crunches in 1 min (thats almost triple)

I never imagined I would be improving this much in only 12 days!!!

Oh yyeah and its been brought to my attention that I was a lil hard on my walking buddy, let me just say that she is walking diligently but we arn't gonna be able to work on a outine together for a month or so...but we are both working individually and she's motivating me and holding me accountable through text and phone calls =)

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  1. YAY! I'm so happy for you and proud of you. You go girl!