Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Infinite Amount of Laundry

I wash, dry, fold, put away EVERDAY and it never stops. Weekly I go through the "lost sock basket," match up any strays that turned up, and Behold: a basket of lonely socks still remain. Shower cutains and linens are also washed weekly when I do the scheduled, weekly "mean clean" of a room, yet the shower curtain still gets funky.

What's really going on? Are my husband and 5 year old daughter in kahoots? Is there a grand conspioracy? Perhaps a laundry villain on the loose?

There are only three of us in the apartment, 4 on weekends and holidays, which is what I consider a small family. If there were more of us...could I keep up? Would I keep up?

To all you hardworking mamas...keep it up, we are amazing!

When our hubbys or boyfriends come home to a hot meal, clean home, fresh linens and kindly ask, "What'd you do today? How was your day?" I just smile, they have noooo idea!

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