Monday, October 12, 2009

God provided what I deemed Impossible

I know this is going to be long, but please read it and share my joy!

I have never been a "religious" person, in fact my biological parents were too wrapped up in their addiction to demostrate a personal relationship with God and my Aunt and Uncle that adopted me taught me to read tarrot cards and map out my own astrology chart, draw runes etc. When I was 19 I got to know God and became a believer. Still I struggle with organized religion and some aspects of it and at time I struggle with Faith. That being said please read on.

In June of this year I lost my job. (thats a whole other story) My husband and I then decided I would stay home, it would take some frugal adjustments, but some of what we considered necessities became luxuries. Already our income was exactly half of the amount of what we were accostom, not to mention we had just had a wedding. A series of unfortunate financial events hit us hard, like they did the rest of the country.

Also in June, I applied for unemployment. I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to process my claim. Each week I contiued to file for my weekly benefits, as I was told. Five weeks later I received a notice saying my former company did approve the claim but the state denied it because I did not sign a signature page. I spent 3 hours on the phone with the unemployment office, I had signed all my paperwork with a state employee at the unemployment office, I did not understand what I could have failed to sign. I was told I could not appeal it because it had been over 30 days since the original claim, even though I spoke with them the day I got the letter. I felt defeated and discouraged.

In August my husband's employer closed the doors. Thank God he was able to get a job doing the same thing, same pay rate the very next day. But the company was new, there was very little work. They were graciously paying us guarenteed 40 hours per week whether they had work for him or not. We were grateful for that but were used to 85-90 hours per week, per diem and footage (he build cell phone towers, in addition to hourly rate they pay by the footage you climb. Now that means we are functiong at less than 25% of our income.

We had also planned on having Kayla at First Baptist Christian School, come August we were $400 short the tuition and could not be approved for any loans. So we opted for public school and were refunded 75% of the tuition we had already paid. Which got us through that month's bills.

We went to go pick up his paycheck for the first week of September and it was $319.00! I cried and cried, he went in and talked to them and they said they could no longer afford to pay the guaranteed 40 hours per week. Don't get me wrong I was so grateful that they had done it at all, but they should have told us they were not going to do it anymore. Our light bill was 2/3 of that, let alone rent and food and gas so I could continue looking for a job!

Embarassing as these next details are I am going to share legs looked like man hair because I could not afford razors, a couple of close friends of ours brought us toilet paper, milk and juice. We were packing our belongings to go stay at his parent's house for two weeks because we just were not going to be able to pay our light bill and still have other necessities. After praying about it and talking it over we decided we would use the money for gas, bring our freezer items to feed our family at his parents house and use the rest of the money for gas so we could get Kayla to school, I could look for a job and he could look for a new job. Miraculously, a dear friend of ours called to come visit and my husband being the man that he is told his friend not to stop by, he was embarassed and did not want to tell his friend that our lights were cut-off and we were packing up for 2 weeks, our friend was taken aback when Mike told him he could not come over, so Mike broke down and told him the truth, our dear friend said, "What?! Why didn't you tell me? How much is it?" He paid our light bill for us and told us when we get back on our feet then to worry about paying him back.

We were "robbing Peter to pay Paul," if you will. Thank God for our dear friends that helped us to scrape by.

We received two more "barely there" paychecks. But we just finished paying rent for last month, it has to be paid by the 15 or you get an eviction notice, 5 days to vacate.

Praise God Mike's company sent him on a job out of town that should last a few weeks, so we will have money coming in. Plus, Praise God, I got a a server. I just finished my training on Sunday, I was relieved to know we had money coming in the near future and the worst of it was over, but what about rent and this month's light bill? On Saturday I was crying, how in the world could I make nearly a thousand dollars in 5 days???

God had provided for us for the past few months, I should have known not to lose Faith, but I just felt like I couldnt do it anymore...I had given up and lost hope. Seeing how we had borrowed from everyone and only allowed one extension every 12 months with the light company is permitted (which we used). I just gave up, I said, "we'll make it or we won't" I can't worry about it anymore!

Saturday I checked the mail, I had a Chase statement in there with a balance. It wasn't my account number, I called and guess what??? It was my Direct Payment Card for Unemployment!!! Apparently, there was an error, my card was mailed on June 16 and I NEVER received it and it was an error that the signature page was not signed. The 5 weeks that I filed for had been deposited since August...It was the EXACT amount we needed for lights and rent!!! I literally, was on my hands and knees in the living room crying tears of joy and relief, Thanking God!!! The best part is that even though the money has been there since August its another blessing that I didnt know about it because we would have used it to pay Kayla's school, not knowing the series of financial challenges that were approaching, but God knew and he made provisions for us!!!

Now the essentials are taken care of and we can count on both of us having a decent income coming in!

I know this was long, but I am soooo HAPPY, I want to shout it outloud from the rooftops. I want everyone to know that nothing is impossible, God will take care of you, He will speak to you in a language you understand!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


12 days ago I started this journey, 12 days ago, when pushed to the max, all I could do was walk one mile in 17minutes and push at the end for a two minute jog...11 push ups in one minute and 17 crunches in one minute taking several rests...I am sooooo proud of myself because as of today I can:

  • jog (60 sec) walk (90 sec) INTERVALS FOR 2 MILES!!!! The 1st Mile took me only 11 minutes, the second took me 15 and I double up on two of the walking intervals at the end, but still, I am doing it, today was my first day even attempting that 2nd mile. But still my first mile was 6 minutes faster!!!
  • 18 pushups in 1 min
  • 48 crunches in 1 min (thats almost triple)

I never imagined I would be improving this much in only 12 days!!!

Oh yyeah and its been brought to my attention that I was a lil hard on my walking buddy, let me just say that she is walking diligently but we arn't gonna be able to work on a outine together for a month or so...but we are both working individually and she's motivating me and holding me accountable through text and phone calls =)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Infinite Amount of Laundry

I wash, dry, fold, put away EVERDAY and it never stops. Weekly I go through the "lost sock basket," match up any strays that turned up, and Behold: a basket of lonely socks still remain. Shower cutains and linens are also washed weekly when I do the scheduled, weekly "mean clean" of a room, yet the shower curtain still gets funky.

What's really going on? Are my husband and 5 year old daughter in kahoots? Is there a grand conspioracy? Perhaps a laundry villain on the loose?

There are only three of us in the apartment, 4 on weekends and holidays, which is what I consider a small family. If there were more of us...could I keep up? Would I keep up?

To all you hardworking mamas...keep it up, we are amazing!

When our hubbys or boyfriends come home to a hot meal, clean home, fresh linens and kindly ask, "What'd you do today? How was your day?" I just smile, they have noooo idea!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 2 and the oposition is in full swing!

Laying in the bed as I first woke, I hear the thunder cracking outside my window and the steady "whoosh," a wall of rain hitting the pavement..great! "I guess I won't be getting in my cardio today, was my initial response.
Midday and still feeling somewhat discouraged, hey my 5 year old daughter has a jump rope! I have discovered that I am the pro jump roper, contrary to the afternoons I spent as a young girl kickin "double dutch butt!" But that's okay, for 20 minutes I got my heart rate up and had a good time. I smacked myself in the face trying to attempt that all too familiar criss-cross.
Whatever elements or schedule interferences or "buddies" pulling a no show you encounter in your journey don't give it a second thought get up and move, you'll feel better and maybe even reconnect with a favorite childhood pasttime. Most of all your goals will not be deterred!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Stronger Abs and Arms

You can see by now I am a huge fan of Shape Magazine, this was a "get fit bonus," in the May 2009 addition.
Do 1 or 2 sets of each move 2-3 times per week
you'll need a pair of 3-8 pound weights, if you don't have them use two 24oz water bottles!

I knwo that as a beginner I am only able to do the sets for 60 seconds and without weights, so do not be intimidated and the great thing is the stronger you can continue with this routine!
REVERSE FLY EXTENSION BACKS, SHOULDERS, LEGS, BUTT Stand with feet should width apart and hold dumbell in each hand at your sides. Bend over from hips, knees slightly bent, and extend arms straight down in line with shoulders, palms facing eachother. Keeping a natural curve in your spine without hunching, and elbows slightly bent, raise arms out to each side to shoulder height (pic a) Lower arms to starting position, then stand upand raise arms in front of you to shoulder level, palms facing down, as you lower into a squat (pic b). Rise up and repeat for 90 seconds

CURL, CROSS AND PUNCH LEGS, BUTT, BICEPS, SHOULDERS AND ABS Stand with feet hip-width apart and hold each hand at sides, palms facing body (pic a). Stand up and repeat. As you stand up the second time, turn your torso to the right as you punch your left hand up and over your right shoulder(pic b). Punch to the left with your right hand then return to starting position and repeat series for 90 sec.

SUPERMAN TO PLANK BACK AND CORE Lie face down with arms out to each side and lefs wide. Raise your legs, arms and head off the ground, looking forward slightly (pic a)and hold for 3-5 seconds. Lower feet, place hands on ground next to shoulders and press up into plank position (pic b). Hold for 3-5 seconds then repeat entire move for 90 seconds.

DOUBLE CRUNCH ABS Lie face up with legs extended straight over hips and arms out to the sides on the ground. Keep shoulders still, lower legs about 45 degrees to the right, bring them back to center then crunch up, reaching for your toes (pic a). Lower legs to the left about 45 degrees (pic b) raise them and repeat crunch. Continue from side to middle to side for 90 seconds.

TUCK AND ROLL ABS AND SHOULDERS Sit on the ground with knees bent at your ches, toes on the ground, and hands on shins. Tuck your chin, then push off your toes and roll back until your shoulder blades touch the ground. Roll up and balance on your butt, toes lifted (pic a). Look straight ahead and extend arms out to the sides at shoulder height (pic b) Hold for 3-5 seconds then return to the "ball" position and repeat entire move for 90 seconds.

go to and download the complete "Awesome Arms and Abs" Audio Program where you will be guided through a warm up, all the moves, and a cooldown, and the entire routine is set to motivating music!

15 Minute Yogo Sculpting Workout

It's no secret that Jenny McCarthy has a kick ass body, I found this kick ass yoga routine in Shape's May Issue, "Jenny McCarthy swears by this strength and stretch plan. Put it to work for you"

How to do it: Do each pose in the order listed, holding for 1 minute each, without resting in between. Repeat the series holding each for 30 seconds. Do several times a week. (I am aiming for 3 times a week and using it as part of my stregth training)
AWKARD POSE LEGS, BUTT, SHOULDERS Stand with feet hip width apart and raise arms shoulder height in front of you, fingers together & palms facing down. Rise up on to the balls of your feet. Keeping abs tight and chest lifted, squat until thighs are parallel to the ground. My AWKARD POSE is not up to par yet....but I am working on it, my butt and things should be more at a 90 degree angle and up high on those tipping toes, but the more I do it, the easier it will become.
EAGLE LEGS, BUTT, STRETCHES SHOULDERS Stand and cross right arm over left in front of your chest, elbows bent and palms touching. Squat slightly, then shift your weight to your right foot and cross left leg over right, curling left foot behind right calf. Hold for 1 minute, then repeat on opposite side.

STANDING BOW WORKS LEGS AND CORE Balance on left foot and hold right foot with right hand behind you. Raise left arm to shoulder height in front of you. Bend forward from your hips 45 degrees as you raise right leg behind you. Hold for 1 minute, repeat on opposite side.

BALANCING STICK LEGS, SHOULDERS, CORE Stand with feet staggered, right in front of left, and raise arms straight overhead. Clasp your hands, leaving index fingers pointing up. Keeping hips and shoulders squared, bend forward from your hips until torso is parallel to the ground as you raise left leg to hip height behind you, toes pointed. Hold for 1 minute, then repeat on opposite side.

TREE LEGS AND BUTT Balance on left foot and bend right knee, resting right foot high on left leg. Bring palms together in front of chest. Hold for 1 minute, repeat on opposite side.

HALF TORTOISE STRETCHES LEGS AND BACK Kneel with lower legs and tops of feet on the ground and sit back on heels. Raise your arms overhead, palms together. Bend forward from your hip until your head and hands touch the ground.

Day 1 of my Journey

Well, my walking "partner" did not show up this morning and I woke up with allergies (probably from walking in the park and they wree cutting grass near by) so I took a steam shower to clear it up...AND I wasn't deterred!! I got my butt up at 7:30 and hit the track a few after 8am. Since my walking partner didnt show I couldn' use her scale and measuring tape to record my initial weight and measurements.... remember I am going for overall tone, fitness, inches...not weight, I am okay at my current weight and actually anticipate increasing a little bit being that muscle weighs 3X the amount of fat! :)

Day 1
"Couch to 5k in 9 weeks"

-5 min Brisk Warm up Walk
-60 Sec. Jogging Interval
-90 Sec Walking Interval
-Alternated Walk/Jog intervals for 17 minutes. (training prog. called for 20 minutes, I pushed myself HARD on the last two joggin intervals...I thought for sure I couldnt finish either, but I continued through the pain in my side/stomach and no matter how hard I tried to control my breathing I was out of breath lol, but I am proud of myself for what I did!!!
-Followed by a 4 mintute Cool Down Walk Other Activity

  • Crunches- 22 in 1 minute (hey thats 5 more than yesterday

  • Planks- 4 sets of 30 seconds

  • 2 minutes of calve lifts on the stairs

Progress of other Healthy Habits
28 oz of water at 12:13p, I'm almost half way there!
I may do a little more after I get some cleaning done...hey, way to go for natural excer! :)
How do I feel today? When I woke up this morning my abs were slightly tender, my pecks and biceps are sore from the push ups and my legs were a little bit sore. I was slightly discouraged when my friend didn't show up, but I wasn't going to to let that stop me! Now that I have got out there and done something I feel energized and motivated! What do I think about my body now and initial pictures? I feel like I am lucky to be thin as I am considering how out of shape I really am. I am looking forward to see how my rear end becomes lifted, and my waist becomes more defined and toned!!! Actually I can't wait to see overall tone!