Monday, September 21, 2009

Stronger Abs and Arms

You can see by now I am a huge fan of Shape Magazine, this was a "get fit bonus," in the May 2009 addition.
Do 1 or 2 sets of each move 2-3 times per week
you'll need a pair of 3-8 pound weights, if you don't have them use two 24oz water bottles!

I knwo that as a beginner I am only able to do the sets for 60 seconds and without weights, so do not be intimidated and the great thing is the stronger you can continue with this routine!
REVERSE FLY EXTENSION BACKS, SHOULDERS, LEGS, BUTT Stand with feet should width apart and hold dumbell in each hand at your sides. Bend over from hips, knees slightly bent, and extend arms straight down in line with shoulders, palms facing eachother. Keeping a natural curve in your spine without hunching, and elbows slightly bent, raise arms out to each side to shoulder height (pic a) Lower arms to starting position, then stand upand raise arms in front of you to shoulder level, palms facing down, as you lower into a squat (pic b). Rise up and repeat for 90 seconds

CURL, CROSS AND PUNCH LEGS, BUTT, BICEPS, SHOULDERS AND ABS Stand with feet hip-width apart and hold each hand at sides, palms facing body (pic a). Stand up and repeat. As you stand up the second time, turn your torso to the right as you punch your left hand up and over your right shoulder(pic b). Punch to the left with your right hand then return to starting position and repeat series for 90 sec.

SUPERMAN TO PLANK BACK AND CORE Lie face down with arms out to each side and lefs wide. Raise your legs, arms and head off the ground, looking forward slightly (pic a)and hold for 3-5 seconds. Lower feet, place hands on ground next to shoulders and press up into plank position (pic b). Hold for 3-5 seconds then repeat entire move for 90 seconds.

DOUBLE CRUNCH ABS Lie face up with legs extended straight over hips and arms out to the sides on the ground. Keep shoulders still, lower legs about 45 degrees to the right, bring them back to center then crunch up, reaching for your toes (pic a). Lower legs to the left about 45 degrees (pic b) raise them and repeat crunch. Continue from side to middle to side for 90 seconds.

TUCK AND ROLL ABS AND SHOULDERS Sit on the ground with knees bent at your ches, toes on the ground, and hands on shins. Tuck your chin, then push off your toes and roll back until your shoulder blades touch the ground. Roll up and balance on your butt, toes lifted (pic a). Look straight ahead and extend arms out to the sides at shoulder height (pic b) Hold for 3-5 seconds then return to the "ball" position and repeat entire move for 90 seconds.

go to and download the complete "Awesome Arms and Abs" Audio Program where you will be guided through a warm up, all the moves, and a cooldown, and the entire routine is set to motivating music!

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