Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 1 of my Journey

Well, my walking "partner" did not show up this morning and I woke up with allergies (probably from walking in the park and they wree cutting grass near by) so I took a steam shower to clear it up...AND I wasn't deterred!! I got my butt up at 7:30 and hit the track a few after 8am. Since my walking partner didnt show I couldn' use her scale and measuring tape to record my initial weight and measurements.... remember I am going for overall tone, fitness, inches...not weight, I am okay at my current weight and actually anticipate increasing a little bit being that muscle weighs 3X the amount of fat! :)

Day 1
"Couch to 5k in 9 weeks"

-5 min Brisk Warm up Walk
-60 Sec. Jogging Interval
-90 Sec Walking Interval
-Alternated Walk/Jog intervals for 17 minutes. (training prog. called for 20 minutes, I pushed myself HARD on the last two joggin intervals...I thought for sure I couldnt finish either, but I continued through the pain in my side/stomach and no matter how hard I tried to control my breathing I was out of breath lol, but I am proud of myself for what I did!!!
-Followed by a 4 mintute Cool Down Walk Other Activity

  • Crunches- 22 in 1 minute (hey thats 5 more than yesterday

  • Planks- 4 sets of 30 seconds

  • 2 minutes of calve lifts on the stairs

Progress of other Healthy Habits
28 oz of water at 12:13p, I'm almost half way there!
I may do a little more after I get some cleaning done...hey, way to go for natural excer! :)
How do I feel today? When I woke up this morning my abs were slightly tender, my pecks and biceps are sore from the push ups and my legs were a little bit sore. I was slightly discouraged when my friend didn't show up, but I wasn't going to to let that stop me! Now that I have got out there and done something I feel energized and motivated! What do I think about my body now and initial pictures? I feel like I am lucky to be thin as I am considering how out of shape I really am. I am looking forward to see how my rear end becomes lifted, and my waist becomes more defined and toned!!! Actually I can't wait to see overall tone!

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