Sunday, September 20, 2009

Introduction to me and my Fitness to Overall Health

Who am I: I'm 24 (until November). I am happily married, mama to 5 year old kayla and step mom to 11 year old Zane. I was a weight loss consultant for 2 years, I have the knowledge but not the get up and do.

Basic & General Goals: I do not want to lose any weight....I want to be a fit, in shape, cute butt, toned, evergy having, feel good, sexy mama! I wanna be able to jog for more than 2 goal "Couch to 3 miles in 9 weeks!!!" I will start the training tomorrow! Wish me luck! I will do this training program 3 days a week as suggested and walk another 2 days a week, taking off Saturdays and Fridays. (unless schedule requires some tweeking) and increase felxibility!

Why? I want to set an example for my daughter and step mom. I want to feel better and have energy. I want to have something to strive for and to be proud of, something for me. I want my hubby to have the "hot wife." I want to conquoer my battle with depression. Of course, I wanna look sexy, I wanna have a round, lifted, cute rear more pancake bottom! I want it all! Oh yes and battle these headaches!!!
Although I am only 24 (25 in November) I have noticed my body, my abilities to "keep up" and my skin changing...having a toned body and being in shape will not come naturally anymore...I want to take charge now. Also my hubby and I are TTC...I can only imagine what will happen to my body after baby number 2!

using the resources I already have: My body, 2 sets of weights, a resistance band, the great outdoors, magazines I alreaady have, internet and accountability! Funds are tight, it cannot cost me any money

  • The "Couch to 5K Training Plan" link listed above
  • Extra walking in between training
  • Yoga
  • Strength Training
  • Stretching DAILY
  • 65 OZ of water each day

What's my starting point? Instead of saying what I cannot do...I am listing what I CAN DO as of today day one!

  • Walk 1 Mile in 17 minutes
  • Jog 2 mintues
  • Crunches: 17 in one minute (had to take rests)
  • Pushups: 11 in one minute (had to take rests)

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